TsMonterCock :Hi guys im focused on my goals, I would be on my things, fetishist, sex lover, versatyl but I like to masturbate my cock and eat good asses I am a trans girl who likes to take care of her body exercising, eating, go out to enjoy with friends and I hope to do many here, I do not like being groceries with me I like to treat how they treat me come and know more about me and enjoy a good time kisses

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Age :35
Orientation : I like dedicated and serious sympathetic loving men who have a profile in their future and who treat me as queen whether they are gay or straight.
Fantasies : My biggest sexual fantasy is to have relations with a full battalion of the army of my country but it also strikes me to pretend that I am kidnapped and the kidnapper is my type of man and wants to fuck me as many times as he wants while he ties me u
Favorite Position : my favorite position that stands out in all of them is face up since they can kiss me and masturbate my cock while they fuck me just like when I fuck another
Note : 4.8

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